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Helpful Information from Cosgrove Hill

Here's a little help from your friendly staff at Cosgrove Hill to make sure you don't overlook something important. Let us know if we can help with any other information.

Nearby Schools:

  • Glenwood Elementary
  • Ephesus Road Elementary School (townhomes)
  • Phillips Middle School
  • East Chapel Hill High School

Utility Information:

To ensure all utilities are connected on the day of your move-in, you must make arrangements in advance for the connection of your utilities (deposits required).

We currently arrange for (and you pay) for your:

  • Water
  • Sewer service
  • Trash and recycle removal

Utilities you must arrange for yourself:

  • Power - Duke Power
  • Cable & Internet - Time Warner
  • Phone - AT&T 

Address Change - Notify:

  • Postal service of your new address (kits available at the post office) or online at: https://moversguide.usps.com/
  • Magazines, doctors/dentists, schools, credit card/bank companies, etc.

Renter's Insurance:

DON'T FORGET - RENTER'S INSURANCE IS REQUIRED! Damage caused by a resident is usually the financial responsibility of that resident, not the property owner. To fulfill lease obligations and to protect liability risks, residents are required to provide evidence of liability or property damage insurance at a minimum limit of $100,000. Residents may choose the insurance company and policy limits that are most appropriate for each situation, providing the minimum limit is satisfied. Please inform the insurance provider to have Cosgrove Hill listed on the policy as an "additional insured" or "interested party".

For the convenience of residents that do not have a specific insurance agent identified, we have arranged for a convenient, affordable insurance option for this community. American Modern Home Insurance Company is an insurance program developed for multifamily residents. There is no application, no credit check and acceptance is guaranteed for residents of this community!

To learn more about this coverage, obtain a premium quote or purchase a policy please visit www.eRenterPlan.com, and identify yourself as a resident of this community. For additional questions please call the customer service team toll-free at 1-888-205-8118.

The Lease - It's Official

Many find moving day less hectic if the lease/paperwork is completed prior to your move-in date. This will allow you time to review and be clear on all the material before you move in. Just call the office at 919-439-5349 , arrange to have your lease prepared, and we'll have it ready for your signature in advance of your move.

Moving Tips...

  • Contact a moving company or reserve a moving truck (allow 2-4 weeks' notice in the summer).
  • Consider holding a garage sale, or selling your unnecessary items online so others can reuse them.
  • Find boxes to reuse in your area by visiting websites like www.boxquest.com.
  • Label boxes; list/inventory all boxes and keep a copy in a safe place.
  • Use smaller boxes for heavier objects (i.e., books, computers).
  • Cut back on the bubble wrap. Use old newspapers for non-fragile items and utilize the sheets or towels that you're going pack anyway.
  • Look for environmentally-friendly cleaning products to clean up your old place.

Moving Day...

  • Schedule and confirm a planned starting time with those who are moving you.
  • Assign someone to check-off boxes as they are delivered.
  • Prepare a simple meal ahead of time or have extra money to eat out/order in.

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